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  • IT Budget Management
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • IT Resource Management
  • Vendor Center
  • Asset Management
  • Global and location-based IT Budget Management that integrates with enterprise portfolio, assets and resources
  • Tie all budgets into Global IT allocation
  • PO Tracking system with workflow to track IT spending
  • Detailed project & services cost management
  • IT-Business Alignment – Approve IT projects and services that aligns to business goals
  • Create or approve enterprise projects and services in most efficient way
  • No more guessing – with Pre-built KPIs and metrics that can be customized
  • When business changes, metrics also changes – Use the Reviewer/response process to select appropriate metrics
  • Objective, methodological process for project and service evaluation
  • Using InfraSage ITEM’s evaluation Indexes:
    • Opportunity Index – POI and SOI
    • Risk Index - RI
    • Relativity Index
  • Evaluate multiple Portfolios by multiple Categories and multiple Locations
  • No reliance on enterprise HCM tools to manage IT resources
  • Comprehensive IT Resources management that can be managed in conjunction with  existing HCM or independently
  • Employees mapped to skills, training, experience, cost
  • Evaluate using proprietary Employee Performance Index  (EPI)
    • Feed EPI as a data point in the project or service selection
  • Gain visibility of global IT by graphical drill-down organization charts
  • Manage resource costs and tie them back to IT budgets
  • Track training accreditations and certifications
  • Track employee costs vs. performance
  • Aggregate and store IT vendor details globally or by location
  • Provides management critical vendor data globally,
    • For purchase order management
    • For support contracts management
    • For asset management
  • Provides visibility and details on IT Assets that IT leadership needs to know and care about
  • Assets mapped across the enterprise by
    • Location, Department, Resources and Project or service
  • Provides financial visibility of the assets during it’s entire lifecycle
    • Depreciation and salvage cost during EOL
  • Helps to identify the hardware/Software OPEX and CAPEX across the enterprise
  • Manage the support contracts globally or by department
  • Assists in software true-up

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